“We aimed to be an example of all kinds of beauty, success, peace, sharing, struggle and support. So we said Zeytin Grup”
Executive Master

An enjoyable program with an excellent team, valuable, innovative and idealistic trainers. Not to mention the efficient network… There is a lot to learn! Highly recommended . Centre international de formation européenne

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Green Deal

Climate change and environmental degradation have become an existential problem…

Shelter for Syrians

At the beginning of 2020, Turkey continued to host the highest number of…


COSME Programme

Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs

The programme is designed to support entrepreneurship and to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs. It aims to achieve these goals by helping new entrepreneurs for their visits to Europe, and encouraging experienced Turkish SMEs to hosting European entrepreneurs.

Regional Competitiveness Operational Program

Grant Program for “Improving Employment Prospects of Disadvantaged Individuals, through Social Integration”

Tanap Direct Grant Program for Social and Environmental Investments

Middle Anatolia Development Agency Technical Assistance Program


We deliver training in a wide span of topics including but not limited to project cycle management, time management, stress management, creative drama.
Trainings For Enterprises


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