That gives us life, entered into every area of our lives throughout history, kept the increasing importance of the useful features,  never hesitate to share its fruits  with us… Became food,  cure,  combustible,  light, spoon, plate,  the symbol of the peace and became war material  when necessary… Became the reason for the beauty… Went above and beyond all these responsibilities undertaken and continued to serve for mankind all the  time…  With the tree, fruit, seed and leaves, served for 37 thousand years … Maintained throughout the life of generations …

We set out to provide useful, efficient, versatile, durable qualified service as an Olive  tree.  We took the Olive tree as a model for our company.  We aimed to be the model of all kinds of beauty, success, peace, sharing, combat and support. So that we said Olive…

So we said ‘Zeytin Grup’!


Our aim

Zeytin Group (Zeytin Grup), delivers consultancy and training on capacity building, management, and training services to elementary civil entities such as NGOs, local administrations, and SMEs by its deep expertise. As Zeytin Group, we target at improving implementation capacities of the institutions, supporting them in their pursuit of accessing to the resources through training, consultancy, guidance in project application and implementation in order to enable them to carry out their responsibilities and duties with utmost success. With this aim in mind, our crew of young and dynamic managers, Turkish and European experts will deliver the best services by sharing most up to date knowledge and experience.

Our mission


We define our mission as contributing to institutional capacity building of local administrative bodies and NGOs which are elements of social welfare; increasing profitability, competitiveness, and product diversity of SMEs; and by doing do, becoming a part of the efforts on building a conscious and successful society.