Project Description

Project for Supporting Women Entrepreneurship

Under the Sivas İŞGEM project supported by the Middle Anatolia Development Agency Technical Assistance Program, a total of 15 days of training was provided for women entrepreneurs between the ages of 25-65 at Sivas İŞGEM Training Hall in the Central District of Sivas province. 3 instances of trainings, each lasting 5 days, covering Marketing (5-9 November 2018), Design and Commercialization of Traditional Products (12-16 November 2018), Accessory Design and Development (26-30 November 2018) were provided.



Umbrella Program

Contracting Authority


05 November, 2018 / 30 November, 2018

Sivas / Center

ORAN Technical Assistance Program

Middle Anatolia Development Agency

Sivas İŞGEM A.Ş.