Project Description

Never Mind Project

This project aims to raise awareness about Primary Immunodeficiency (PI), which is defined as an “Orphan Disease”, and to increase the diagnostic possibilities in Turkey, to create the infrastructure to provide services and to create an environment for patients to access the necessary health services. For this purpose, Can SUCAK Translational Immunology Research Laboratory was established based on the protocol signed with Hacettepe University, within the framework of the project implemented by TANAP Doğalgaz İletişim A.Ş. and Candan Bişeyler Foundation. The goal is to diagnose the patients’ genetic deficiencies through detailed laboratory analyses, and to perform these costly and difficult-to-access analyzes, as due, and as early as possible through the development of the conditions associated.


Date Site Umbrella Program Contracting Authority Beneficiary
2018-2020 Ankara TANAP Social and Environmental Investment Programs TANAP Can Sucak Candan Bişeyler Foundation